Thursday, March 14, 2013

year 2013..welcOme back!!


masih bernyawa di bumi Allah... I'm back !!!! after long time not even once update since already 2013.. march..hiihi..

There are somethings that i wanna share too ...  a lots actually...

1st of all, as previous post.. i'm no longer will used 'aku' as kata ganti diri.. i'm prefered to used 'saye' or 'kite' or 'me' or 'I'  (^_*) V...

And this blog was created especially for my only husband.. mr.Tempe..hihi.. cikdOn beloved family n friends.. just wanna share my great life..tough life..happy life.. and whatever in my life.. and reMember that what ever happened in Our life must be with a reason... and the bEST ever Planner is the Mighty one..ALLAH S.W.T. ... Ingat yer smue...ape yang kite ade.. prasaan.. harta.. kekayaan.. pekerjaan.. family.. smue tu Allah pinjam je kat kite =) ALLAHUAKHBAR!! 

okie cont' next entry yer ....

I dO love u.. cherish u.. for the rest of my life..wiwiwi..

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